The Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld is one of the most reputed immigration practices of Toronto. Our mission is simple: getting you the results you want, at affordable rates.

We are very strong believers in honesty and transparency when it comes to fees. After all, so many of our clients are from around the world and we make sure that trust as reliable partners. That’s why we make it a point to explain immigration lawyer Toronto fees clearly and correctly.

At the start of your application we will outline our immigration lawyer fees. We will also advise you if the visa will have additional document costs, and what would be the charges if the matter went to appeals. This way you will not be surprised by hidden or unexpected fees.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Fees

When you approach an immigration lawyer you are paying not just for their services but also their expertise. Immigration lawyers in Toronto are highly respected by clients and immigration officials in Canada. We are registered with the Law Society of Ontario and have to abide by a strict code of professional ethics.

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Full Service Immigration Lawyer

An established and trusted immigration practice, like that of the Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld, will never be a one-person show. A respected immigration lawyer will be supported by a team of people.

When you approach an immigration law office, you get the full advantage of the experience and expertise all these people bring to make your application successful.

No Standard Immigration Lawyer Toronto Fees

There is no standard immigration lawyer Toronto fees prescribed. This is because every application is different. Every immigration application requires its own due diligence and its own administrative efforts. Planning and preparation are by far the most time-consuming aspects of any application but also the most critical. Typically, an application will entail at the very least:

  • Filling and filing forms
  • Printing paperwork
  • Spending time on strategy
  • Communication and shipping costs

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Fees

Here are a few simple questions to help you find out how much your Toronto immigration lawyer fees might be.

  • What type of application do you need to file?
  • How much time will the application take to complete?
  • Do your documents require translation?
  • Do you or your application have special considerations?
  • Are you appealing a removal order or visa refusal?

What You Should Know About Toronto Immigration Lawyer Fees on the Internet

If you search for ‘immigration lawyer fees’ on Google, you will find many forum posts and threads trying to answer that question. There will be many people asking ‘Is $1000 too little?’ or ‘$10,000 too much?’ There will, of course, be lots of responses. There will even be some people saying ‘the immigration lawyer Toronto fees is $1140’, without even mentioning who that lawyer is.

Comments like ‘I was charged $1140’ are very misleading. You don’t know what services were provided. It could have been for one application or for just one aspect of the application filing. If no details are mentioned, know that figure is probably very inaccurate. In fact, it could have been from 10 or 15 years ago! Yes, that fee may have been appropriate then but now it would obviously be too low. Not only does the value of currency change over time, the immigration process itself evolves so much.

Dangers of Paying Very Low Immigration Lawyer Fees

A quoted fee that seems ‘too good to be true’ is probably a trap. It could mean that false promises have been made to you. Or that instead of working with a licensed Toronto immigration lawyer will work with unlicensed professionals. It could also suggest that the practice has a bad reputation.

So if you see someone advertising very low fees, be prepared for:

  • Hidden fees and charges for every little thing; even things like filing and submitting your application will be charged separately.
  • There will not be a licensed immigration lawyer working on your application.
  • They may not complete your application on time.
  • Your application may be filled out carelessly (which can get you into legal trouble).
  • If you have to appeal, they may charge exorbitant fees and may outsource you to someone else

Moreover, people pretending to be lawyers can cause a lot of harm to you and your application. Only those who are registered with the Law Society of Ontario can call themselves immigration lawyers. Someone who is not a licensed immigration lawyer can land your application into a lot of trouble – and deceive you with false promises.

Dangers of Paying Full Fees Upfront

If someone asks for immigration lawyer fees be paid in full upfront or as a lump sum payment before work is started – beware! It is possible that this person will not do any work and may simply disappear with your money. Paying full fee upfront can also reduce their motivation to work and you may receive very sub-standard immigration services.

If someone asks to see your bank statements or financial documents before quoting you their immigration lawyers fees – beware!

It is a sign that they may try and cheat you out of the maximum fee based on your paying capacity, rather than charge on the basis of how much their services are actually worth. This can be a very dishonest practice and you should not provide such documents before services and a fee has been agreed.

Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer Fees

Want to bring your spouse to Canada? There are many ways in which you can sponsor your spouse to come to Canada. If you are a permanent resident; if you are on a work permit; you are an international student, or have other status. Get a free assessment of your and your spouse’s eligibility to come to Canada. Our spousal sponsorship lawyer fees are extremely reasonable. But the best of all, we make calling your spouse to Canada extremely worry-free.

Why Toronto Immigration Lawyers

Toronto is the financial hub of Canada and immigration lawyers Toronto have helped solve all types of immigration problems. Their understanding of prevailing Canada immigration trends means an immigration lawyer can give you reliable and practical advice.

Choosing a reputed Toronto immigration lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make towards a successful application. Only a registered Toronto immigration lawyer like Ronen Kurzfeld can represent you before all the courts and at the Immigration Appeal Division.

Free Assessment

You can speak to us for free, wherever you are in the world. We will discuss your best options and will show you how bang-for-your-buck our Toronto immigration lawyer fees are.

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Call us today for a free assessment of your application. We are one of the most reputed immigration practices of Toronto and will help you correct advice Call for immigration lawyer free assessment today.

The Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld helps people around the world with Canada immigration. We assist with all types of Canada visas.

  • Express Entry (permanent resident)
  • Work permit and LMIA
  • Student visa
  • Temporary visas
  • Business immigration
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Humanitarian and refugee applications
  • Immigration appeals

Call our Toronto immigration lawyer free assessment and take the first step to success today!

Get Toronto Immigration Lawyer Free Assessment

Speak to us for a free no-obligation consultation about your desire to come to Canada. Getting in touch with an immigration lawyer Toronto for free assessment is a very simple way of finding out what your options to come to Canada are. We will answer all your questions and tell you about programs you didn’t even know.

  • Find your options for Canada immigration
  • What province in Canada is best for you
  • Learn what documents you need
  • Understand how soon you can be in Canada

Get a free telephone consultation with Ronen Kurzfeld. If you are not in Canada, you can speak to us one-on-one via Skype too.

Immigration Lawyer Toronto Free Assessment – Everywhere

No matter where you are in the world you can speak to Ronen Kurzfeld for free face-to-face using Skype. There can be no easier way to get free lawyer opinion on your case. Send us an email or call us to schedule your free appointment at the earliest.

Helping People around the World

Our team works very closely on Canada visas for people from Israel, India, the Philippines, the USA, Eastern Europe, Canada and many more. We know the unique processes every country has for police verification, educational certificates, proof of funds and other documents. When you get Toronto immigration lawyer free assessment, we can guide you very precisely and thoroughly.

What are you waiting for! Call us now and schedule your immigration lawyer free assessment today. You will find our rates are very competitive and we offer great value for money.

Urgent and Emergency Matters

Have you or your family received a removal order? Do you need help immediately with your immigration appeal? Speak to us now for free. Our immigration lawyer Toronto free assessment program means you can talk to us without any legal fees or any obligation.

We take on urgent and last-minute matters. Don’t delay! Once a removal order is issued, you can be deported even if it is appealed.

About Ronen Kurzfeld

Ronen Kurzfeld has helped people settle into happy lives in Canada for over 18 years. He is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable immigration lawyers in Toronto. Whether you are coming to Canada alone or looking to settle with your family, speak to us to find out what the best long term options are for you.

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